LifeRain™ Flo-Pipe

Life Green Systems provides most effective modular drainage pipe - LifeRain™ Flo-Pipe that comes with innovative design and advance technology. LifeRain™ Flo-Pipe also popularly known as Drainage Logs, Filter Pipe or Sub Surface Pipes. It is an ultra-modern replacement of traditional gravel drains, slotted pipes and AG (Agricultural Pipe) drains.


  • Rapid Drainage
  • Easy Flow
  • High Strength
  • High Performance
  • World-Class Quality
  • High infiltration capacity
  • High compressive strength
  • Connects to standard fittings


  • Superior crush strength
  • Void surface area of over 80%
  • Manufactured from High quality recycled polypropylene


LifeRain™ Flo-Pipe provides the sustainable, effective and high performance drainage solution for applications such as trench and strip drainage, retaining wall drainage, edge drainage for roads, sports field drainage systems and for sub-surface water dispersal requirements.

Primarily, used for sub- surface strip and trench drainage.