About LifeRain™

ImageWe, at Life Green Systems understand the growing need of water and how vital it is to maintain the urban sustainable infrastructure for the betterment of life. LifeRain™ is designed to enable a better quality of life while upholding the socio economic aspects of ecosystem. This product can radically assist in preventing the decaying infrastructure due to flash flooding or storm water run-off. LifeRain™ meticulously offers customized water management solutions to sync-in and control the run-off water, which is our most precious natural resource that we cannot afford to loose in order to transform urban lifestyle into a sustainable living.

The various applications of LifeRain™ in the field of water management technologies are the reason why this product has become the first choice of those who value money and time. It comes with unlimited water capturing capacity for recharge, recycle and re-use.

The conventional rain water harvesting and storm water management system are being completely replaced with LifeRain™ modular technology. Due to its lightweight modular structure, LifeRain™ is easy to install, safer unlike any ordinary civil work, and most importantly it is economical than below ground round or oval concrete or plastic tanks available in the market. It bridges the gap between the future and present as LifeRain™ is the need of the hour that successfully builds enhanced ecosystems while conserving the fresh water resource at its best.

The installation process of LifeRain™ is less tedious compare to any other methods of water management and can give outstanding results when it comes to recharge the ground water quality and control the stormwater run-off. Installation process further involves geotextile fabric, EPDM liner; bore well and other options to cater the project needs.

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