LifeRain™ Filters

LifeRain™ Micro Filter


  • Flow Rate: Approx. 40-80 cum or above
  • Diameter: 600mm / 750mm
  • Connections: 2 Inlets, 2 Outlets
  • Height: 1000m

LifeRain™ Downpipe Filter


  • Height: 850mm
  • Diameter: 7.50mm

LifeRain™ Extensions

To make a void space under ground to reach underground services. Ready to make a void surface without any civil work.


  • Easy to install
  • No civil work required
  • Appropriate and huge size to use as a Man hole.
  • Can be used any underground vertical length
  • Modular Technology


  • Dia : 600mm / 750mm
  • Height : 1000mm (Increase or decrease according to site condition)
  • Material of Construction :FRP