Why LifeRain™


LifeRain™ Modules are of high performance that can recharge any amount of rain water and can control run-off efficiently. This product is designed in a way that it can enhance the quality of ground water that has been recharged and provide a void space of over 90% compared to less than 20% in typical aggregate trenches.

Maintenance of LifeRain™ is easier and time-savvy with no additional cost unlike conventional water storage tanks. The intelligent and modular design structure of LifeRain™ ensures the high-quality of water that eventually help realizing the dream of Green Cities, Clean Waters and a Better Life.

We, at Life Green Systems measure our success with the steps taken towards higher quality of life wherein fresh water resources (which is only 2 percent of the planet’s water) are managed efficiently to uphold the ecosystems. For this reason, LifeRain™ is designed as a powerhouse that can bring the difference and replace the conventional civil ways of storing rain water completely.

  • High performance aesthetics: Strong Structural design & lightweight.
  • Cost Effective: It saves time and money in installation and less civil works costs in any kind of soil.
  • Smart Utilization of space: Top surface can be used for Parking lots, Gardens, Lawns, Children’s playground, sports fields, etc.
  • Safety first: Completely underground and no easy access to storage space. No risk, even for applications in schools.
  • Water Quality: The surrounding sand and geotextile ensure improved water quality of recharge ground water through LifeRain™.
  • Low Maintenance: Easy to maintain unlike other conventional rain water harvesting systems.
  • Environmental Friendly: LifeRain™ is made of 100% recycled Polypropylene.
  • Future Benefits: It increases the value of the property and protects it from flash flooding and water shortage problems as the mains water dependence is significantly reduced after LifeRain™ installation.